Meet Carl Roberts – Jesus

Tell us a little about yourself Carl

I’m Carl Roberts, I’m 39 years old and I live in Netherton in Liverpool.

How long have you been acting and performing?

I’ve been interested in performing for as long as I can remember. I wanted to sing from an early age, and I got my first taste of acting when I was 19 when I attended Starlight Performing Arts. That lead me to play a lead role in a Halloween production, performed at Liverpool’s Cream Club. I played “Damien” the son of the Devil! Polar opposite to the role I’m playing now!

How did that early desire to perform influence the rest of your life?

After I left Starlight, I decided to concentrate on singing again and when I was 22 I auditioned for a record company in London to join an RnB group. I managed to get a place in the group, so I moved to London. However, after a while things didn’t work out the way I planned, and I decided to come back home. 

I got a job in a bar, but it wasn’t for me, so I decided to be a support worker. I’ve cared for my two disabled brothers for years so it’s something which I enjoy and is important to me.

During my time as a support worker I still attended acting classes. In 2010 I attended Liverpool Media Academy for a year and learnt a lot about camera work and different character work. Then in 2012 I joined an acting class in Manchester that was taught by a fantastic teacher by the name of David Johnson. David has taught some of the best actors in the industry today; Anna Friel and Surranne Jones are just a few he’s taught and many of his students have gone onto to have regular roles in Coronation Street and other well-known soaps. Last year he was awarded a BEM by the Queen for his contribution towards the performing arts, so I feel privileged to have been taught by someone with the amazing reputation David has. 

What made you want to play Jesus in Liverpool Passion?

When I saw the audition for the part to play Jesus, I knew I had to go for it because it’s the part I’ve always wanted. As far-fetched as it may seem I always knew I’d get to play Jesus one day. Even my friends have joked that this role is perfect for me.

How is this role significant for you personally?

I was raised in a Catholic school, so prayer was normal for me. Even to this day I believe that in times of struggle God guides me and hears my prayers. Although I wouldn’t label myself as Catholic now, I still have a strong faith and I believe Jesus has always been with me.

I have met a special person in my life. She has the same beliefs as me, and I believe God brought us together. She’s helped me through some really hard times, and we go to church when we can.

What do you hope people will take from the performance?

We are sadly very aware that in recent generations, people seem to be losing their relationship with God which we’ve had for thousands of years. I hope that through being part of this play, God will plant a few seeds and people will realise that it can do nothing but good to let God into their lives. God has never left my side and I’m proud to be part of this production. I’m excited to play Jesus and spread the word of God. 

When you’re not acting, what do you do with your time?

We love watching religious documentaries and programmes, especially about the life of Jesus. My partner has a special connection to Mary Magdalene.

We love going to karaoke bars and going out with friends. I enjoy running and going to the gym. I also love dogs, we’ve got 4 between us! A half Staff, a Jack Russell, a French Bulldog and a Shih Tzu. I love them to bits.

I’m also a carer to my brother who has autism.

What’s it like being a carer?

Being a carer is something I’ve always done, and I’ve been a support worker for many years. I go out with my brothers every day. We like going to the clubs organised by Mencap around Liverpool.

Carl will be playing the role of Jesus in Liverpool Passion. It has two showings at 12pm and 3:15pm on Good Friday, 10th April 2020.